Handcrafted Luxury PC Cases

Natural materials meet modern technology. Function with serenity. Made to order PC cases.

The Genesis case by Woodfort Cases. A PC case made with Tasmanian Oak wooden panels giving the case a beautiful, bright, straw coloured appearance.

The Genesis case

The Genesis is the case that marks the beginning of Woodfort. 

Embodying Woodfort's alignment with nature, four hand crafted wooden panels cover the cold aluminium structure beneath with the soothing glow of natural timber.

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Woodfort cases are made to order and may be scheduled for production months in advance. Enquire below to secure the next available space.

A man sands the wooden slats from the front panel of the Genesis computer case.

Handmade wood panels

Phillip crafts each and every wooden panel by hand. Residing in Melbourne, Australia he uses a variety of locally sourced and international timbers.

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